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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

China - a future maritme player!

The statement from Chinas president, Hu Jintao, that China seeks "to be a maritime power" is very much in line with my blog-post a couple of weeks ago about maritime security being a strategic asset of its own.
The fact that the international seas (together with internet, space and international airspace) are by the US classified as one of the four important Global commons central for the future of modern living is of course also noted by China. The global commons are at least as important to Chinas as to the US.

Chinas drive to strengthen their navy is not a new concept. But this most recent statement from President Hu Jintao, speaking before the Communist Party Congress, is as I understand it the first time an official at the top has spoken so clearly about a bigger sea presence.
I personally also think that the last years anti piracy activity in the Bay of Aden and on the Indian Ocean have showed the Chinese leadership that it is possible to play an important role on the high seas under the flag of peaceful intentions. This will give China access to information about sea transport and other activity at sea that can help them making better use of their industry and be an even stronger international force in the future.

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