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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

The Swedish Sea Rescue Society

The Swedish Sea Rescue Society (SSRS) saves lives and assists boats at sea off Sweden for free year around without government founding. SSRS is of course based on volunteer work and a nonprofit organization. They also offers a service to their members where they can call for assistance before the situation turns in to an emergency. According to the society the preventative service is a way of thanking their members for their support which enables the society to continue to do what is most important of all, saving lives at sea.

As a result of a big navigational oversight from my behalf I had the opportunity to meet SSRS last year. The incident which started with much blood and physical damage to the boat ended as a rather pleasant and positive experience for the whole family onboard one of SSRS’s boats. After that, with the bleeding stopped, we happily continued the boat vacation (the boat did not need immediate repair, only cleaning) for many days.
Therefore I of course would like to share their video were a plumber and an accountant use some of their spare time to save lives:

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