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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Driver’s license for Denmark’s water scooters drivers?

The Danish government now promise new rules after the tragic accident where a young Danish man killed two American women because of reckless water scooter driving in Copenhagen harbor early May. According to early reports, there will be a water scooter driver’s license from next year in Denmark.
I don’t mind nations regulating there domestic water traffic, but it seems short sited to single out water scooters. The problem is off course high speeds in the wrong places and often combined with inexperience. Historically these types of accident has also happened with other kinds of fast boats.
Also, typically these types of driver’s licenses are very theoretical with few and low demands on experience on the water actually driving the craft of question, i.e., they don’t change the drivers, they only restrict accessibility to the crafts. The persons with licenses are as bad or god drivers as they would have been without a license.
Therefore, Denmark, if you think this is a good idea I recommend that:
  • the license should include all types of fast watercrafts, and
  • the requirement for the license is many hours of supervised on the water training managed so that the drivers risk understanding in this context really is tested.
If not, it will be a restriction on water scooters but not an effective safety measure. Water scooters are a versatile type of watercraft and in the waters where I sail they contribute and does not disturb me. However, I urge water scooter drivers and other on the water, especially if there is a high horse power to weight ratio, to be smart and wear at least a life vest.

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