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Friday, 25 May 2018

System understanding – powerful when trying to solve a problem

I sometimes encounter people that try to solve a problem by knowing everything. For the systems a work with, and teach about, that is seldom an effective, or even possible way ahead. Today’s systems are often both complex and multidisciplinary and there is seldom an obvious path to take.
By instead understanding the system of interest you are able to make simplifications and assumptions to learn more about the system and the possible solutions. You will then get closer and closer to a solution.
Some of the ropes that I figured out where to use. Photo: Hans Liwång © 2018
I also tried this approach the other week when preparing my sail boat’s rig and sails for the season. I had a lot of ropes and blocks of different colors, types and sizes. I did not remember where they should go, but I knew the functions the finished system should have. From that I solved the problem without needing to remember anything about that specific rig.

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