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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

One accident doesn't mean a thing is risky...

A while ago I wrote about a new section of bike lane that I use on the way to work. It was created one year ago with the ambition to improve, but “done with sudden turns (radius 2 meters) were I and other bikers (two-way) are supposed to [as we are turning and keeping our eyes on the cars] share a lane less than 2 meters wide. It is also marked out with curb stones immersing the bike lane risking striking down bikers”.

Today at the very spot described above there was an accident involving at least two bikers (the slow careful types judging by their appearance) and a car. One person looked to be injured enough to be waiting for an ambulance. This is otherwise a quite spot and a lot of people where helping so I hope everything worked out just for the best.
All intersections can have an accident, even in their first year. This without proving that the intersection is a bad one (about this one I however have my doubts).

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